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Tools Designers

We've been working in the CG industy for about +20 years mostly in the biggest Visual Effects and Video Games companies. Such contribution leads us to a deep understanding of the tools and technics.

Driven by passion, we constantly push the limits. From CG artists we turned into developers to tackle the issues and answer the challenges even faster.

We would never face such struggle without our set of advanced tools. Today we believe we could help the community by providing our Plug-ins and Scripts.

Vertexture Team

What People Say on Social Media

You got my vote.

Fantastic piece of a plugin right there.

The initial command line works and

by 10 mins I started to get a good feeling

about the logic behind it. Very surprised I could morph

poly-edges under my selection to curves at will,

back to back with no efforts. This is a guaranteed


Minos Wang  


Istvan Enyedi  

This is madness!!! Sorcery!!!!

Ihab M  

Just bought the plug-in. very cool!

Γεωργία Αθανασίου  

No way... no... this is not real, i'm dreaming...

Rivardo Kusuma 

Some of our contributions

And much more...


And much more...


And much more...

He is one of the best 3D Artist i've worked with. He's working very fast and neatly, always respecting constraints and original designs for charcaters modelling. He was a real powerfull asset for the project.

Cedric Humeau

Art director

He is probably the fastest CG artist I've seen so far! He is able to deliver excellent hi-poly or low-poly models in a record time, as testifies the high and sustained level of satisfaction of the teams that had the chance to have him on-board. As an efficient, talented and complete artist, he also devotes himself to R&D in order to improve processes and techniques on a regular basis. His precious experience covers a wide range of software / tools, techniques and rendering / lighting effects.

Stephane Hibold

Head of game design

He is a very dedicated modeler, and has a great eye, and a very solid understanding of modeling and related tools. His work has class.

Rhys Claringbull

CG Supervisor

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