We reinvent Maya Tools for CG Artists

Tools provided by default can be clunky and lack sometimes of intuitivness and efficiency. We Need to express our talent to its full potential while working at the studio or for a client as a freelancer. With that being said, we decided to design the most efficient Tools to speed up your workflow.


(To name a few)

Selection of Maya C++ Plug-ins


This plugin creates patch polygons along your strokes. These strokes are drawn directly on a mesh. By doing so, creating polygons become intuitive.


Clean your mesh with evenly spread edges.

This plug-in implements a smart algorithm for homogeneous edges distribution with a volume conservation.


A disruptive Modeling Tools-suit for creating and modifying a topology at high speed. Split, merge and much more at a blink of an eye. We guarantee you will love the difference.

A must-have!


A powerful C++ plug-in for snapping meshes in real-time. Suitable for retopology tasks and much more.


This plugin will display the selected mesh wireframe with specific parameters in the Maya’s viewport.

Selection of Maya Python Scripts


This script helps to pan, zoom in and out image planes within maya’s viewports.

Don't waste your time

Artists using our tool speed up their workflow by at least x5.

Be more creative

Technical headache are set aside. These Tools will allow you to stay focus on your craft. Take the control of your imagination.

Create better assets

The Tools implement advanced algorithms and solutions so you can bring your 3d models to the next level.

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